What are the Benefits and Myths of Fixed Wireless Internet Services?

Since SD-WAN networks have started to grow recently, it’s essential tounderstand what type of network actively suits your business. Fixed wirelesshas become very important for business customers in the past few years, and itcontinues to stand out as a very comprehensive, professional solutions. Fixedwireless is relying on the use of microwave radios to share and send databetween two points.

It’s a great way to have fast,dependable internet. There are no wires involved, and the system is working flawlessly.Despite all of that, there are still misconceptions and misunderstandingsregarding the benefits of a fixed wireless Internet Service.

Are connections unreliable?

This is a common myth, however,it’s a false one. The fixed wireless Internet Services are operating within adedicated wireless spectrum. They use both unlicensed and licensed connections,and while licensed InternetServices are more dependable, the service is stillsimilar to the terrestrial links.

Is Fixed Wireless the same thing assatellite connectivity?

These are two differenttechnologies. Fixed wireless uses only the microwave radio frequency to sharedata between two points—satellite units rely on transmitting signals into theorbit and then back again. Satellite tech is slower, with latency, whereas thefixed wireless internet service is a lot faster.

Can you run VOIP services?

Yes, it’s possible to do that.There’s little to no latency, which means you will be able to communicate theway you want, without any problems. This helps a lot since video conferencing,remote desktop, or general VoIP requests will work very well without downsides.

Is it possible for weather issuesto bring the Internet Service down?

Most of the time, the wirelessconnection is compelling, and you don’t have to worry about any issues. Youmight lose signal during heavy wind/rain or any harsh weather. But thesesituations are infrequent and rarely happen.

Is mobile broadband similar toFixed wireless?

No, because the fixed wirelessInternet Service needs a fixed address, and it can actually guarantee high-speedconnectivity. You don’t need to worry about any data restrictions either. Whilemobile broadband is portable, it relies on cellular connectivity, and it doeshave data limits, which can be problematic.

Does it take a lot of time toinstall fixed wireless systems?

That’s not the case. You don’t haveto worry about having physical intervention from outside the premises. You canhave fixed wireless installed within a few weeks. This is a great way to deploya wireless system very nicely, and the return on investment can be second tonone.


If you’re looking for a great,dependable Internet Service for your business, don’t hesitate and use fixedwireless. Not only is it very efficient, but it conveys incredible results and anexcellent value for money. At the same time, you have internet speeds similarto terrestrial solutions while enjoying the lack of any cable systems or complexinstallations. Give it a try for yourself, and you will be delighted with theresults!

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