Top 5 Reasons To Cut the Cable and Go Wireless

Ever wonder about cutting the cord? Maybe you’ve noticed that your cable and internet bill are obscenely expensive, and you end up always watching Netflix despite the billions of channels you have access to. Maybe you’ve just heard about some friends giving it a try and it sounded interesting.

Whatever the reason, there hasn’t been a better time to switch to a local wireless internet provider.

1. Save Tons of Money

Most people are paying somewhere in the $100 a month range, just for internet access. Throw on another $100+ for the TV subscription, and you are looking at a nice chunk of change given to some uncaring and unresponsive corporate giant.

Instead, you could fire your cable guys, and drop that monthly bill to a measly $60 or so. Even the pricier wireless providers rarely have a plan above $80. Some even go as low as $40, which is quite the deal.

For further information on the kind of money you could be saving, or what to do after you’ve made the transfer to a wireless provider, check out this article: How to Get Ride of Cable TV.

2. It’s Really Easy To Switch

Most of the faceless providers of internet and TV are quite the pain to get set up with in the first place. Credit checks and applications, weeks and weeks of waiting, and multi-year contracts make for a more strenuous process than applying for a loan. Going to the dentist is almost guaranteed to be a better time than signing up with Suddenlink or Dish.

Local wireless companies tend to avoid such barriers of entry. A phone call (with a real person on the other end) and you’ve got yourself an install scheduled for some time in the next few days. From there, they’ll send over someone to get the equipment mounted and your service up and running. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

3. Personable and Caring Customer Service

One of the guarantees in life is that a local business will have exceptional customer service. This rule applies to the local wireless company as well. Knowing you can talk to someone local about your service, whether its problems with connectivity or questions regarding speeds, gives you that peace of mind no cable company could ever provide.

Have a problem with your internet? Local companies have someone looking at the problem immediately, and you’re kept in the know. None of that “we will look into this” for months on end that so many have experienced.

4. More Reliable Internet than Traditional Providers

It seems like every other week the internet goes down at your home or work. The excuses are wild and varied, and always seem to be some freak accident of nature. Seems kind of odd that your service seems to be such a magnet for God’s wrath, eh?

Because of some key differences in how a wireless internet provider gets internet to you, and the faceless cable giants provide it, the local companies tend to be far more reliable, and less vulnerable to acts of God.

5. Streaming Services are Exploding

If you haven’t jumped onto the Netflix bandwagon yet, you may not actually be an American. But really, Netflix is just the first option of many you could be using for a much cheaper price than what cable has been costing you. The quality of programming is increasing, and many of these streaming options are actually beginning to create their own (really good) shows on top of everything else.

Even HBO, and other premium cable channels are cutting their own cords, following the Netflix and Hulu route of letting a customer pay a low monthly fee for their channel. This means you can still get your Game of Thrones fix while saving money. Plus, you can watch said GoT whenever you want because of this. Not just when it comes on. Need a list of the pricing and services offered? Online Movie and TV Streaming Services.

Pretty nifty, don’t you think?

Interested in Switching?

There’s a couple ways to go about making the switch.

First, if you’re living in the Amarillo area, or generally around the Texas Panhandle, give Plains Internet a call at 806-340-7320. We’d love to help you out.

Now, if you’re living somewhere else, you can go check out this handy “WISP Directory” to see who’s providing this kind of service in your area. If that doesn’t work out for you, give Google a try. A quick search should be able to tell you if there’s a local wireless company hanging around in your area.

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