Internet Providers and Beekeepers

Want to know what Plains Internet is up to when we have a bit of free time?

Amateur Beekeeping.

Yes, it’s a bit odd. And no, we don’t have a cool secret that will blow your mind about how this makes us a better wireless company. Really, the only commonality with bees and internet is our customers.

Much of our business is focused in rural areas around Amarillo. Because of this, we run into a lot of people with bees hanging around their property, some more willingly than others.

What Happens to Bees When They’re Not Wanted?

This is exactly the question that brought Plains Internet into the beekeeping hobby. We were installing a customer, who had a large hive they were unwillingly hosting in their backyard.

When asked what they’d do, the now customer responded “I don’t know. Exterminate them, somehow. But no one around here does that.”

Our response: “Want us to take care of it?”

Shortly after the customer agreed, we found ourselves some highly fashionable beekeeper outfits. A few YouTube tutorials later we were back at the house with a big ol’ box and a chainsaw. This particular hive had taken residence in a dead tree branch. We moved the branch into the box, moved the box into the truck, and the customer no longer had a bee problem.

So, what happened to the bees?

With more YouTube lessons, the bees were moved into a man-made hive with shelves to access honey and kept in a safer and more secure environment than they’d been in previously. Everyone, including the bees, ended up happier.

Beestings Really Hurt

Sometimes, we don’t have enough suits to go around. For most hive removals this isn’t a problem.

A veil and gloves, along with long sleeves and pants, tends to be all that’s needed. Bees aren’t normally very aggressive nor do they try and sting people unless provoked. However, if you decide to try this at home, know that those stings really smart if you do find some of the more aggressive bees. When this is the case, the veil and glove combo may not be a good choice. We’ve found that when a hive wants to sting you, they can be quite persistent in finding exposed skin. What’s really not fun? A couple angry bees getting inside your veil.

Besides that, a lot of people are unknowingly allergic to these stings, so definitely be careful if you’re unsure.

Want to treat a bee sting? Wiki has you covered here.

Not a Daily Hobby

Our primary goal at Plains Internet is to provide exceptional wireless internet to our customers. Don’t worry, this bee thing is very occasional for us.

We might do a hive removal and relocation once a month or so. These excursions also tend to be on weekends when we have a bit more free time. So, if you’re having trouble with bees, we’d love to help. But it will more than likely not happen immediately.

With all of that said, we really do enjoy the opportunities our customers have given us to help them with an aspect of their life completely unrelated to internet.

A big thank you to each of those who trusted us enough to let us come by and play beekeeper for them. Our customers are the best!

Thinking of exterminating a hive? Take a moment to check out this infographic below, and feel free to give us a call to grab the hive instead!

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